Tuesday, 26 september 2023
About the Library

The Kájoni János Library of Harghita County aims to be a constant part of the everyday life of the local community by a variety of programs and workshops, shaped to satisfy both cultural and leisure time claims and activities of the audience. The main purpose of the library is to preserve the local, regional intellectual values and make these values available for the public.

The library disposes the largest number of holdings in Harghita County.

The facilities of the library are based on a material of 190.000 items, providing both physical and digital access (books, periodics, audiovisual, electronic and other special documents).The database registers more than 5000 users a year.

The library also functions as a methodological center; it manages and supervises the activity of all the public libraries in Harghita County. The institution is maintained (sustained) by the Harghita County Council.

The predecessor of the current institution functions from 1950 in Miercurea Ciuc /Csíkszereda/, however its history goes way back, and, since its existence, several changes were made in its system (change of building and name).

The name of the library (Kájoni János/ Johannes Caioni) is official from December 2007, and emphasizes the sympathy for all those ideals of universal, cultural and human values that Johannes Caioni, the 16th century Franciscan scholar, represented in his time.

The current building was inaugurated in 2012; the public is welcomed in a modern and functional civil space.



10.00 - 18.00




Consiliul Judeţean Harghita

Centrul Cultural Judeţean Harghita

Centrul Judeţean pentru Conservarea şi Promovarea Culturii Tradiţionale Harghita

Centrul Cultural şi de Arte Lăzarea

Editura "Hargita Népe"

Editura Harghita

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