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Local Studies and Special Collections

The Local Studies and Special Collections are situated on the groundfloor. The library holds a separate area for special collections and publications, particularly valuable, and publications concerning local history and knowledge, some of them regarded as rarities. The special collections section is considered to have  a distinct value in the local heritage and it is treated alike.

The base of this collection is the Documentation Department, created in 1978, and the number of items stored here are around 23.500. The collection is constantly growing by means of purchase and donation, and consists mostly of 19th and early 20th century prints.

15.500 items of the collection originate from the holdings of two highly prestigious local  librabries: The Franciscan Order’s Library from Csíksomlyó and the The Roman-Catholic Gymnasium of Csíkszereda (the former Gymnasium of Csíksomlyó).
From the 1990’s, the library constantly improves this collection with recently published and current prints, that are relevant in regional knowledge and history.

Pay attention and respect to the fact, that these prints are highly delicate, are meant for protection and preservation, therefore are only available for reading on spot!

Local Studies Collections, concerning local-regional knowledge
Documents including local-regional content: the history, past and culture of the inhabitants and institutions of Székelyföld /Seklerland/ (available for academic research too).


-          Documents concerning the history of the regions of Hargita county (cities, towns etc.)

-          Products of local publishers and print-houses

-          Works of local authors or works concerning the life and works of local personalities

Digital Conversion of documents:
From 2009 some of the documents are available online, on he following links

Hungarian Electronic Library (MEK)




Databases and catalogues are available (both electronic and register)
Database of local-regional knowledge content – searching by subject-headings
Database of personalities from Hargita county – information focusing on biographical, bibliographical data, photos, portraits.
The publications of print-houses from Székelyföld,  before 1945.

If the users require, the library can compile thematic bibliographies.


Special collections
Special collections include 19th century prints, early 20th century publications (before 1945) and 17th-18th century manuscripts and rare books. The volumes contain various curiosities, ex libris, possessor marks, entries, dedications, some of them are considered rarities in their own kind. The library deposits them as separate units.
The collection is highly protected, therefore can be used only on spot.



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